Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving!

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 Though we may or may not be having what we think of as a traditional Thanksgiving Day with family and friends, we have much to give thanks for in our lives. Today is a perfect day to reflect and express those thanks.Thank you!… Read More

ThinkSmart Hub for Zoom Rooms

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Meet ThinkSmart Hub, the all-in-one room system that delivers a best-in-class Zoom Rooms experience with a sleek design, rich audio, and clean cable management. At HCGi, we partner with the best manufacturers and suppliers to bring our IT clients …… Read More

Humans and AI episode 2: Meet Alice

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Humans and AI tells stories of passionate people, from all walks of life, who are using AI to transform our society and our world for the better. Alice has always had a passion for helping refugees. In the time of Covid-19, she and her cohorts at AI f…… Read More

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