Happy Valentine’s Day!

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How nice it is that we have this day to simply spread some love and joy to special ones and to everyone. As we celebrate our team and our loved ones, we offer an extension of that to all our clients, vendors, and friends!… Read More

This Canadian Genius Created Modern AI

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For nearly 40 years, Geoff Hinton has been trying to get computers to learn like people do, a quest almost everyone thought was crazy or at least hopeless – right up until the moment it revolutionized the field. In this Hello World video, Bloomberg Bus…… Read More

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Deployment Services

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Ensure that your TOUGHBOOK® computers and tablets arrive ready to work. We design a deployment support package that is tailor-made for your environment. It begins with rigorous stress-testing systems for 48 hours straight, loading your software image o…… Read More

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